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The world of Dunn is the creation of Ed Jones, and is the locale of several of his upcoming stories and a DND campaign. An exercise in the hobby of worldbuilding, Dunn may be collaborated on. If you wish to add to Dunn's lore, feel free to do so, but be aware that anything you add may be removed, changed, or redacted without prior notice at Ed's discretion.

Everything Dunn related is property of Ed Jones.

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Theology Edit

Want to know about theology? Read about the Creation of Dunn by A'a, the tales of the Ældergoðen, the tragic story of Thisnes and Wolcnau, or, if you're interested in joining the Children of Light, read up on the teachings of Yeshi.

History Edit

Quick! Who was the first king of Dunland? Who fought in the Three Hundred Years' War? What disease killed the infant King Worrich XII?

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Why don't you want to ever meet a gnome? Why would you want to meet a huntsman even less? What material can you use to pierce dragonhide?

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